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Marine Biology Research Program Newsletter

Marine Biology Research Program Newsletter

February 2022


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Warm classroom, happy tilapia

This winter had our students as well as lots of marine life in many tanks dealing with unacceptable coldness. Nan Richardson to the rescue. She is working with DOE Facilities & NYHS staff to get rooms insulated and faulty heaters replaced in not only the Marine Bio Lab but the MAST Center, too.

Thanks Nan!

The first ever Marine Bio Mock Job Interviewswith 11th graders were a success!

Parent and alumni volunteer interviewers did a fantastic job and our students are reporting it a helpful experience. We hope to take this learning experience and scale it up so all classes can take part in this valuable career skill exercise.

If your child needs help with their resume, consider registering for this workshop taking place Friday, 2/25/22.

Please support our Marine Bio students by donating at Cheddar Up.


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