NYHS PTA Executive Board & ByLaws

The Executive Board of the NYHS will meet on the second (or occasionally first) Wedensday of the month to discuss the agenda and content for the PTA General Meeting.  The meetings will run from 6:30 PM – 7:30 PM.
We will meet over Zoom for convenience. Any PTA member is welcome to join, just reach out to a member of the board for an invitation


The Executive Board Roster for 2023-2024:

President[email protected]Angelina Capodanno
Tal Peleg
Treasurer[email protected] Lara bursor
Recording Secratery[email protected] Jane McNamara
Aquaculture Parents[email protected]Laura Paddock
Marine Biology Parents[email protected]Edward Smith
Marine Policy & Advocacy Parents[email protected]MP Dunleavy
Marine Systems & Technology Parents[email protected]Louis Bonini
Steven Sposito
Ocean Engineering Parents[email protected]Caraid O'Brien
Theresa Richburg
Professional Diving Parents[email protected]Austin Steele
Amanda Justice
Vessel Operations Parents[email protected]Olja Stipanovic
Welding Parents[email protected]
Freshman Parents[email protected]
Senior Parents[email protected]Amy Koza
School Leadership Team[email protected]Tal Peleg
Amy Koza
Tricia Garcia
Cathy Lopez
Julie Odonnell
Fundraising[email protected]Hilory Wolden