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Marine Biology October 2022 Newsletter

Marine Biology October 2022 Newsletter

Here it is… the first edition of the Fall 2022 semester Marine Bio Newsletter.

Hello to new 10th grade parents. Welcome back to current 11th & 12th grade families.

In these monthly communications, we try to keep you current on what’s up in the Marine Bio CTE. Sometimes we have words of wisdom from our program director Mauricio González. And always we ask that you get involved in making our kids’ Marine Bio experience better all the time.

MBRP Program Director Mauricio González

some of things we are helping to plan this year

  • Mock job interviews
  • College support
  • Internship opportunities
  • Scientific excursions on NY Harbor
  • Marine Bio-specific parent Zoom meetings

Do you know about Marine Bio’s after-school program Harbor SEALs?

Some of the Spring 2022 Harbor SEALs

Perhaps your student scholar wants to be involved.

Have any ideas?  Want to help?
Contact Koko
(your Marine Bio Rep)
[email protected]

Please make a donation at CheddarUp. 100% goes to fund well-needed supplies for the Marine Biology Research Program. Thanks!

Comments? Questions?
[email protected]

photos courtesy of  Mauricio Gonzalez

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